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1 Tier Chandelier

Ceiling Fixture Lighting
One Tier Chandeliers

A single tier chandelier can add beauty and style to any smaller room, from a child's bedroom to a well-appointed bathroom. Single tier refers to the fact that all of the individual lights in your hanging light fixture are one level, or tier, making these single level chandeliers a great fit for spaces with low ceilings. Try using a set of two or more 1 tier chandeliers in a larger room to create distinct sitting areas such as one for conversation and another for relaxing with a good book. Variations include everything from crystal chandeliers to antique Tiffany lighting.

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Jeremiah 3 Light Portia Chandelier [9822]
Price: From $317.19 to $335.94
Jeremiah 3 Light Portia Chandelier [9822]
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