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Bathroom Fixture Lighting
Bath Fixtures (one)

Bathroom lighting is one of the most crucial forms of lighting in your home. Wall lights, vanity lights and even the light in your shower can each mean the difference between a well-lit, cozy bathroom and a dreary cave! Make sure you install bathroom light fixtures that not only reflect your sense of style, but make getting ready every morning a pleasure. Check out our selection of sconces, vanity lights and ceiling mount bathroom lights to find that perfect finishing touch.

1 Light Bath Fixtures thumb
One, 1 Light Bathroom Fixtures for Smaller Bathroom Lighting
2 Light Bath Fixtures thumb
Two, 2 Light Bathroom Lighting & Bathroom Vanity Fixtures
3 Light Bath Fixtures thumb
Three, 3 Light Bathroom Fixtures for walls and Bathroom Vanities
4 Light Bath Fixtures thumb
Four, 4 Light Bathroom Lighting Fixtures
5 Light Bath Fixtures thumb
Five, 5 Light Larger Bathroom Lighting Fixtures
Linear Bath Fixtures thumb
Decorative and Modern, Linear Bathroom Fixtures
Bathroom Accessories thumb
Bathroom Accessories: Towel Bars and Bathroom Mirrors
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Quinton Parlor oiled bronze vanity [66214-4]image
Quinton Parlor oiled bronze vanity [66214-4]
Price: $496.88
Quinton Parlor oiled bronze vanity [66214-4]
This Quinton Parlor oiled bronze vanity is available with oiled bronze finish.
5 Light Bath Bar [20045]
Price: $503.44
5 Light Bath Bar [20045]
This 5 Light Bath Bar[20045] is available in Brushed Nickel finish.
Newfield 4+4-Light Vanity [66253-4+4]image
Newfield 4+4-Light Vanity [66253-4+4]
Price: $559.38
Newfield 4+4-Light Vanity [66253-4+4]
This Newfield 4+4-Light Vanity is available with Oiled Bronze finish.
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