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Proper Bathroom Lighting Needs Layers

bathroom lighting
Most people don't put a lot of thought into bathroom lighting.  It's a relatively small, utilitarian room where you don't spend a lot of time, so many people don’t spend a lot of money on lighting fixtures for the bath.  This is a mistake, because the bathroom is a room where you do a variety of tasks that need plenty of the right kind of light.  If you have a larger bathroom with a soaker tub, Jacuzzi or over-sized shower designed for relaxing, the right kind of bathroom lighting is even more important.
Vanity Lighting Fixtures Eliminate Shadows
Bathroom lighting requires layers of light at different levels in order to provide the type of illumination you need for various activities.  One of the most crucial is vanity lighting.  Your family will apply makeup, shave, fix their hair and a variety of other activities at your vanity.  Plenty of targeted task lighting is essential.  One solution is the installation of popular bath lighting fixtures that feature three or more lights mounted just above the mirror so that the light floods the face from above.  This works best if the light strip is at least 24 inches wide so that light is hitting your face from above and from an angle at both sides to reduce shadows.
If you have enough space on either side of the mirror, consider installing sconce lighting fixtures as an alternative.  This lets light hit the face from both sides so that there are almost no shadows and will make shaving and applying makeup even easier.  If you choose sconces for your bathroom lighting, be sure it is installed at about the height of your face for the best task lighting.
Overhead Bathroom Lighting
Consider something more dramatic than a simple ceiling lighting fixture if you've spent the time and money to install and decorate a dramatic bathroom.  The larger the bathroom, the more appropriate it is to install a pendant lighting fixture or chandelier to give a touch of added style that will set your bathroom apart from the norm. 
If you prefer more functional bathroom lighting, take a look at the many attractive combination lighting fixtures that feature a built-in exhaust fan.  These are a great way to reduce moisture build-up and keep the bathroom's environment comfortable even when someone is taking a steamy shower.  Most exhaust lighting fixtures are flush mounted, with the exhaust fan next to the ceiling and the light fixture directly below.
bathroom-lighting-fixture-imageTargeted Bathroom Lighting
Unless you have a clear glass shower door, your shower area can seem like a cave, dark and dreary.  Rather than fumble around in a dark shower, have a recessed lighting fixture installed directly above the shower to flood it with light.  You can also use recessed lighting for additional, unobtrusive lighting above the toilet area or bathtub. 
For safety’s sake, make sure any lighting fixtures you install are wet rated, meaning they are appropriate for the watery environment of your bathroom without any electrical hazards.  If you layer ceiling lighting, targeted recessed lighting and proper vanity lighting in your bathroom, you’ll end up with a well-lit, attractive bathroom that has the perfect lighting for every activity.  Your bathroom lighting will also be the envy of your friends.

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