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Ceiling Lighting Fixtures
By DebD

dining-room-pendant-ceiling-lighting-fixture-imageWhether for style or practical purposes, ceiling lights can create spectacular constellations. From stunning chandeliers and sleek contemporary track lighting, to recessed lighting, mount lighting, and more, ceiling lights come in a wide range of styles. Today, ceiling fixtures can be found for residential and commercial usage that covers traditional to modern styles.

Fresh ceiling lights are a fantastic way to add new influences in the home. With so many style, shapes, and sizes, there is no shortage of decorative, energy resourceful choices for updating the ambiance in any room. For example, for the midpoint of a room, flush mount lighting fixtures are perfect for supplying general illumination. Flush mount or semi-flush mount lighting is ideal for bathrooms, kitchen areas, and bedrooms. These types of ceiling fixtures are easy to self-install and create a nouveau decorative simplicity for home décor projects. With a plethora of ceiling light selections available, finding the perfect design is easier than you think.


Usually large and elaborately decorated, chandeliers are ceiling fixtures with more than one branch for putting in lights. There are multiple designs to choose from, for instance, a bronze chandelier creates charm and character to any interior area, while silver chandeliers look classic and demure. Chandeliers with a width of less than twenty-inches are perfect for smaller rooms like bathrooms or bedrooms. Larger chandeliers up to thirty-six inches are utilized for bigger rooms like dining rooms or smaller hallways. The most conventional chandeliers are crystal, but today there are chandeliers made from many different materials even soft fabrics.

Flush Mount Ceiling Lights

pendant-ceiling-lights-fixtures-imageFlush mount ceiling lights are perfect when a direct light attachment to the ceiling is preferable. There is no space in between the ceiling and the base of the light. However, there are variations such as mini-flush mounts, and semi-flush mount designs. They still have a base but the light fixture it self protrudes from the base creating a semi, or almost, mounting effect. A flush mount light for home lighting is typically used for hallways, rooms with low ceilings, and places where light is needed but with a subtle appearance.

Pendant Lighting

Whether traditional or contemporary,pendant lighting is an indispensable element for illuminating a home. Pendant lighting should be looked at as jewelry for the home. There are varying degrees of pendant lighting sizes such as mini-pendants, multi-light pendants, and large pendants. Pendant lights add luster and glamour to any area, especially when they are hanging over seating areas in bathroom vanities, entryways, and kitchens. Selections range from big and elaborate designs or slim, pencil thin cords.

Kitchen Island Lighting

Kitchen Island lighting is a mixture of sensible task lighting complemented by sophisticated style. Island lighting gives kitchens illumination for food preparation and serving without compromising style. By utilizing pendants to create wonderful horizontal and vertical spaces, island lighting is an ideal inflection to any dining room or kitchen. Whether modern or conventional, island lighting can immediately uplift any kitchen into a harbinger of good taste. Kitchen Island lighting can be found with various finishes as well like nickel, chrome, or bronze.

Author: DebD
DebD is a well traveled creative versatile freelance writer and accessory designer.

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