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Ceiling Fixture / Chandelier Lighting
Multiple Tier, Pendant
and Other Decorative Chandeliers and Ceiling Fixtures

Chandeliers are traditionally any sort of suspended light fixture that combine several light sources such as candle lamps into one fixture. The most traditional are crystal chandeliers, but you can also find wonderful wrought iron and even cloth chandeliers that give you a beautifully diffuse light source to warm any room without the harshness of a single, large bulb.
1 Tier Chandelier thumb
Decorative single tier or single level chandelier lighting
2 Tier Chandelier thumb
Decorative double tier, two level chandelier lighting
3 Tier Chandelier thumb
Decorative triple tier or three level chandelier designs
4 Tier Plus thumb
Large Chandeliers with four levels of lighting or more
Pendant Chandelier thumb
Glass, metal, wrought iron or cloth drum chandelier designs.
Mini Chandelier thumb
Smaller mini chandeliers ideal for narrow hallway lighting.
Linear Chandeliers thumb
Linear chandeliers are ideal as narrower ceiling lighting.
Bowl Chandelier thumb
Bowl style elegant chandeliers of alabaster glass and stone
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