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Choosing Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

outdoor-lamp-lights-imageNothing enlivens the appearance of a home like fresh outdoor lighting. Open up an entry area with hanging lights, add pizzazz to garden settings and pathways, or utilize post lights to create style to garages vicinities and driveways. Some of the most essential lights to encompass, whether there is a deck or other entertainment area, are outdoor lights that light up the entryway. 

For covered porches, exterior flush-mount lighting added to a luxurious chandelier will lighten the area and welcome visitors into the home. Uncovered entryways can still be brightened with wall-mounted lanterns that add decorative charm and safety to residences. In addition, outdoor lighting fixtures should blend with the overall theme, or style of a dwelling. Like inside lighting, the finish is essential and should be coordinated with the rest of the decor and other light fixtures for a more fused decorative appearance. 

Before incorporating outdoor lighting, a careful study of where most of the time is spent outdoors is important. Then other areas that may require, or would be enhanced by outdoor lighting can be considered. Exterior lighting can provide task lighting for various activities as well; such as reading, board games, or to relax with loved ones. 

Deck Lights

outdoor-home-garden-lamp-lights-imageBrightening up an outdoor patio with decorative deck or patio lights is a wonderful way to complement any outside décor. Patio and deck lights can be alternated as long as it works with the surrounding décor. Exterior wall lights are also utilized in exterior decks or patios. Wall sconces are perfect lighting accents for square columns on decks. 

Deck lights add security and lengthen daylight time for more enjoyment during outside activities. It is crucial that lights are used near steps or sharp slopes to lessen any chance of mishaps. A covered deck with high ceilings looks stunning with exterior hanging lights above the entryway, standing, or seating area.

Landscape Lighting

outdoor-home-lights-imageFun and relaxation will be the result when landscape lighting is utilized in outdoor spaces. Landscape lighting illuminates dark outside areas like yards and gardens, making a home more noticeable while improving safety and security as well. 

Landscape lighting should imitate a moonlight ambiance by creating a soft and natural effect. Obscure the exterior light source behind tree branches, foliage, and shrubs, unless the lighting is used as a decorative feature. Up-lighting an archway, façade, or arbor will create a dramatic appearance, while illuminating the side of a house with a spatter of light creates another type of spectacular look. Other types of landscape lighting include gas lanterns, low-powered landscape lights, conventional and modern outdoor lighting, and mission style exterior lighting. 

Outdoor Chandelier Lighting

Outdoor chandeliers project stately elegance on the front entrances of gazebos, patios, and covered outside areas. Utilizing an outdoor chandelier adds sophistication to any exterior setting. Many times, outdoor chandeliers can be found hanging in sun rooms as well. 

Regular chandeliers are not capable of withstanding outside weather conditions like direct sunlight. Exterior chandeliers are manufactured to resist direct sunlight and various environmental conditions, as well as humidity.

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