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Different Wall Lighting for Different Home Areas


Most wall lights are specifically designed for a special room or area in the home, like the living room or bathroom. For home interiors, there are normal hard-wire wall lighting styles that must be wired to a wall junction box or there are simple to install plug-in types. The plug-ins consists of swing-arm wall lamps usually used in bedrooms and plug-in wall sconces that are perfect for using in entryways and hallways. 

A general rule-of-thumb when installing bathroom lighting is to secure the fixture sixty-inches from the floor. Bath-bars with numerous lights can be installed even higher if secured over a vanity sink or mirror. However, wall lights; like sconces, are more common in hallways. A home office or study room can add a touch of sophistication by installing wall lights, or a living room can create a more dramatic look with wall light accessories. 

Two wall lighting applications like sconce lighting and torchieres come in multiple designs that can fit into just about any room. Iron or nickel are a couple of the most common materials used for sconce and torchieres lighting.

Wall Sconce

wall-sconce-lighting-fixture-imageWall sconce lighting can provide all-purpose and accent room environments. Many are created to go together with floor lamps, chandeliers, and table lamp designs, producing a pleasantly melodic ambiance. Wall sconces can be found in a broad range of designs and finishes from conventional to modern. To add greater utility to wall sconce, add a dimmer to control the lighting environment during the day or night. Wall dimmers are available in multiple decorative colors and are very easy to install. 

Some people prefer to switch up their wall sconce designs occasionally. If this is the case, purchasing a wall sconce with a detachable lampshade will permit an easy transition from one type of ambiance to another. A collection of multiple lampshades will make home decorating fun wherever the wall sconce is installed. 

Wall Torchieres


Wall torchieres are a striking way to intensify and add impact to a wall. A torchier is sconce lighting with a long, tapered post underneath the light itself. They magically give the illusion of being suspended on a wall, ready to be carried much like an Olympic torch at a moments notice. 

Torchieres can be lustrous. An all nickel metal design with elongated legs that form a tripod, while supporting a diminutive round dish can be intriguing. Others can be colossal with wide ceramic columns that spring up with a cascade of palm fronds. Some torchier designers make exceptional designs. For example, they take pieces of perforated metal and create a long tube then insert low-voltage lighting that gives off a rosy radiance. 

The more expensive range of torchieres can run as high as [$1600.00] or more for custom designs. However, for those who prefer not to spend as much, there are mass-produced torchiers that can be purchased for [$40.00] or less. Torchierers are a unique type of wall lighting, and can possibly be pulled down. They should be installed with caution if small children are in the home.


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