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Outdoor Landscape Lighting Serves Many Purposes

You should put as much thought into your outdoor lights as you put into your indoor lights.  Outdoor lighting is sometimes an afterthought when you landscape your home, but it should be a top consideration, since outdoor lights serve a variety of important functions.


The right outdoor lights can highlight the best features of your home and garden.  If you’ve put a lot of time and money into landscaping your yard, there’s no reason you can’t show it off after the sun goes down.  If your home is an architectural gem, the right landscape lights can show off special features to their best advantage. 


Consider using landscape lights to highlight a beautiful bay window or an arched entryway, or flood the entire front of your home with light for a welcoming look.  Some people use landscape lights at the holidays to draw attention to the beautiful greenery and wreaths they have hung on windows and doors.  On a cold winter night, a brightly lit house decorated with seasonal touches can be heartwarming.



Practical Landscape Lights


Outdoor lights an also be used to illuminate your driveway and the path to your door.  It’s so much more welcoming for guests to walk up a well lit path than to try and grope toward your door in the dark.  Illuminating the walkway also helps prevent tripping because guests can easily see where they’re going.  You’ll find it can come in handy for your family as well, particularly when you’re coming home after dark during the winter months when days fly by too quickly. 


Security for your home is another excellent reason to invest in landscape lights.  Burglars don’t like well lit houses.  It makes it too easy for neighbors and passers-by to see them while they try to break in.  If you use landscape lighting around your home, thieves have fewer places to hide or to try and enter your home.  Keeping a few outdoor lights on at night will keep criminals and vandals away.


A strong light on your front porch or next to your front door can give you an added sense of safety while you unlock your door at night.  It’s also much easier to find your keys and juggle packages when the area is well lit.


outdoor-home-lighting-imageOutdoor Lights Add Ambiance


Of course, the primary reason people use outdoor lights is to add atmosphere.  If you love to entertain outside, installing plenty of outdoor lights is crucial.  You don’t want your guests to be straining to see each other or stumbling about, not sure where they are going. 


Consider putting in your landscape lights at various heights for optimal effect.  For instance, low stake lights around a walking path through the garden will let visitors easily maneuver through your flower beds without straying into the mulch, while some lighting at waist height on your deck will provide some additional lighting for conversation.  Finally, add some lights on either side of any doorways at about eye level so that the doorways can be easily found by anyone who needs to go inside.  By combining outdoor lights at three levels, you get a balanced glow that isn’t overwhelming.


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