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Profile lighting articles give you tips and ideas that will help you improve your home lighting for a cheaper cost. From living room to your dining room, from bedroom to bathroom and from indoor to outdoor lighting, Profile Lighting is the best online home improvement store for your home lighting needs. From simple lighting fixture to elegant chandeliers, you name it and we have it in style.

Need some lighting ideas, a bit of help or Inspiration?
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Profile-Lighting and the people at Profile Supply have compiled a number of interesting, helpful and even entertaining articles to help you in making your decision, purchasing indoor or outdoor home lighting for your next project. Articles are submitted regularly from various contributors, as well as from customers and clients across the United States and Canada.

We'd love to hear your ideas and see your pictures.

To submit an article or your latest home lighting installation pictures just send us an email to If you have a web site of your own that you would like us to link to, be sure and include that as well.

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The Right Bathroom Lighting Installation

bathroom-ceiling-lights-imageSetting up the proper bathroom lighting system will affect everyday activities like putting on makeup, bathing, or doing your hair. Every bathroom is different, and there are numerous ways to maximize a bathroom's effectiveness with lighting. For example, bathrooms without windows will require another type of lighting than bathrooms with windows. One light fixture may work well with smaller bathrooms, while larger bathrooms may require two light fixtures or more light fixtures. 

Today, bathroom lighting has become more complex and requires numerous levels of lighting. The right lighting designs may necessitate several types of lighting for the best impact. For instance, the best vanity lighting uses cross-illumination that supplies shadow free lighting. This means that lighting above the vanity and on both sides will light the face equably and accomplish a cross-illumination effect.
Read more

Choosing Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

outdoor-lamp-lights-imageNothing enlivens the appearance of a home like fresh outdoor lighting. Open up an entry area with hanging lights, add pizzazz to garden settings and pathways, or utilize post lights to create style to garages vicinities and driveways. Some of the most essential lights to encompass, whether there is a deck or other entertainment area, are outdoor lights that light up the entryway.

For covered porches, exterior flush-mount lighting added to a luxurious chandelier will lighten the area and welcome visitors into the home. Uncovered entryways can still be brightened with wall-mounted lanterns that add decorative charm and safety to residences. In addition, outdoor lighting fixtures should blend with the overall theme, or style of a dwelling. Like inside lighting, the finish is essential and should be coordinated with the rest of the decor and other light fixtures for a more fused decorative appearance. Read more

Ceiling Lighting Fixtures

dining-room-pendant-ceiling-lighting-fixture-imageWhether for style or practical purposes, ceiling lights can create spectacular constellations. From stunning chandeliers and sleek contemporary track lighting, to recessed lighting, mount lighting, and more, ceiling lights come in a wide range of styles. Today, ceiling fixtures can be found for residential and commercial usage that covers traditional to modern styles.

Fresh ceiling lights are a fantastic way to add new influences in the home. With so many style, shapes, and sizes, there is no shortage of decorative, energy resourceful choices for updating the ambiance in any room. For example, for the midpoint of a room, flush mount lighting fixtures are perfect for supplying general illumination. Flush mount or semi-flush mount lighting is ideal for bathrooms, kitchen areas, and bedrooms. These types of ceiling fixtures are easy to self-install and create a nouveau decorative simplicity for home décor projects. With a plethora of ceiling light selections available, finding the perfect design is easier than you think. Read more

Selecting the Right Lamp for a Room

decorative-table-lamps-imageLamps are a perfect accessory for any room because they add a certain ambiance to any décor. In addition to being a practical light source, lamps also serve as decorative pieces that create beautiful settings. In fact, one of the fastest ways to change the appearance of a room is by replacing the light fixtures. Lamps make it easier and more affordable to change a room at a moment’s notice, especially with so many choices on the market today.

Some important factors to take into consideration when choosing a lamp for your home are:

      1. the purpose for the lamp

      2. the amount of light needed

      3. the location 

      4. the size

      5. the style

All of the above factors should be taken into consideration when selecting a lamp for a particular room. Read more

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