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Profile lighting articles give you tips and ideas that will help you improve your home lighting for a cheaper cost. From living room to your dining room, from bedroom to bathroom and from indoor to outdoor lighting, Profile Lighting is the best online home improvement store for your home lighting needs. From simple lighting fixture to elegant chandeliers, you name it and we have it in style.

Need some lighting ideas, a bit of help or Inspiration?
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Profile-Lighting and the people at Profile Supply have compiled a number of interesting, helpful and even entertaining articles to help you in making your decision, purchasing indoor or outdoor home lighting for your next project. Articles are submitted regularly from various contributors, as well as from customers and clients across the United States and Canada.

We'd love to hear your ideas and see your pictures. 
To submit an article or your latest home lighting installation pictures just send us an email to If you have a web site of your own that you would like us to link to, be sure and include that as well.

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Selecting Ceiling Fixtures to Style Homes

inverted-pendant-lighting-imagesAs a home owner, when getting ready to remodel, selecting ceiling fixtures is one of the considerations you will have to decide on for the home. Whether you want elegant chandeliers for the living and dining areas, flush mount lighting in the bedrooms or hallways, or pendant style lights to hang in the hallways or outdoors, all of these options can be chosen, in order to give depth and style to your home. When selecting ceiling fixtures, home owners will find that they can save on the cost, and find the greatest variety and style by shopping online.

When choosing your pendants, chandeliers, or other styles and fixtures for the home, choosing for the purchase will give consumers a wide variety of options, no matter what styles of lighting they plan on decorating the home with. Additionally, by choosing a specialty online retailer, which sells lighting for homes, the prices are going to be far more affordable than other local lighting retailers, or home improvement retailers that consumers would otherwise shop with near their homes. Rather than having one or two fixtures to choose from, the home owners will have hundreds of styles and variety to consider, in order to perfectly set up their home, and purchase the proper lighting for each room in the home. Read more

Buying Chandeliers Online

chandelier-ceilig-fixture-imageChandeliers have always been tantamount to sophistication, riches, and splendor. Celebrated through the likes of motion pictures, and beautiful photos in Home and Garden magazine, no grand home seemed complete without one. Not only are chandeliers an item that provides adequate lighting in a particular room, they can also set the tone and become a talking point as well. Even though some still see chandeliers as an old-fashioned relic that hangs from someone‚Äôs cobwebbed ceiling, more interior designers are utilizing them and home improvement shops offer them. However, there is a more convenient way to purchase such a piece of classic chandeliers through the internet.  
Today there are literally thousands of chandeliers scattered across the web offered by various merchants. Indisputably, the internet is an immense virtual shopping world filled with any and everything. When buying chandeliers online, it is vital to ensure that you are corresponding with a legitimate dealer. Read more

Selecting Decorative Home Accents

wooden-dressers-drawers-online-imagesHow a homeowner goes about selecting decorative home accents may be the difference between a room being just adequately lit, or a place that is as dramatic and arresting as a well-lit stage.
Accent lighting is mostly used to highlight features in the room that the homeowner really wants to be seen and enjoyed. It works best when the light source is hidden. The human eye seeks out the brightest part of a room and if it comes to rest on a light source the purpose of an accent light would be defeated. That's unless the light source itself is an object of interest.
Indeed, that's sometimes the case. A very clever use of accent lighting is to have a classical, fully functional Maria Theresa type chandelier over a dining room table, then have that chandelier in turn lit by tiny recessed lighting in the ceiling. This brings out the sparkling beauty of the chandelier and adds an extra bit of light for the dining table. When selecting decorative home accents, the homeowner will see that some light sources are works of art all by themselves. They can be judiciously placed in rooms to call attention to themselves as well as provide extra light. Read more

Selecting Fluorescent Lighting Fixture

fluorescent-lights-imagesWhen you are selecting fluorescent lighting for your home, whether it is for a game room, for the dining area, kitchen lighting, bathroom fixtures, or even for the bedrooms in the home, is the retailer of choice for consumers to turn to online. No matter what size lighting fixtures you want to purchase, what shape, or what bulbs you want to purchase if replacing bulbs in a lamp or fixture, the online retailer has the variety consumers seek when making the purchase decision. As a home owner, when selecting fluorescent lighting you must make sure that you purchase quality lighting. Not only will this ensure they offer sufficient lighting for the space it is purchased for, but also that the fixtures are going to go well in the room or space you are placing them in.
For the home owners who love to have variety, great pricing, and all kinds of lighting to choose from, the online retailer offers all of these things, and the easiest shopping experience to them as well. Read more

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