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Profile lighting articles give you tips and ideas that will help you improve your home lighting for a cheaper cost. From living room to your dining room, from bedroom to bathroom and from indoor to outdoor lighting, Profile Lighting is the best online home improvement store for your home lighting needs. From simple lighting fixture to elegant chandeliers, you name it and we have it in style.

Need some lighting ideas, a bit of help or Inspiration?
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Profile-Lighting and the people at Profile Supply have compiled a number of interesting, helpful and even entertaining articles to help you in making your decision, purchasing indoor or outdoor home lighting for your next project. Articles are submitted regularly from various contributors, as well as from customers and clients across the United States and Canada.

We'd love to hear your ideas and see your pictures. 
To submit an article or your latest home lighting installation pictures just send us an email to If you have a web site of your own that you would like us to link to, be sure and include that as well.

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Buying Home Lighting Online

outdoor-patio-lighting-imagesIf you are the home owner who loves to have the greatest decor and style in your home, yet loves to save when remodeling or purchasing new items for the home, buying home lighting online is one way to get those savings. When choosing to purchase online from home owners are not only going to find the variety and style they seek, but they are also going to find lighting for the entire home (interior and exterior), they will find several styles of fixtures for any room in the home, and best of all, when buying home lighting online they will find the rates which are well below any other local lighting supply retailer or home improvement retailers in their area.
Whether you need new outdoor lighting for the pool or patio, want to consider a new design style and go with a fancy chandelier in the living room, or whether you want to go with a uniform style and redo all lighting throughout the home, buying home lighting online with will allow the home owners to consider all of these options and varieties. Read more

Selecting Household Lighting and Purchasing Ideas

household-lighting-imagesOne of the best methods for home owners, consumers in general, to save on the purchase price of products they buy, is to purchase them online and the same goes with buying household lighting online. For the home owners who are looking to find the best deals when they are choosing new household lighting, for any room of their home, or for all of the rooms in their home, as well as new outdoor lighting, you will find that by buying household lighting online, you can get the greatest discounts when you make the purchase from So, rather than choosing a small local specialty lighting store, or even a large home improvement retailer where you live, choosing the option of buying household lighting online, is the way to find the lower prices, for the home owners who are seeking out the greatest discounts and deals when making a purchase.

With, home owners are going to find lower rates and the most extensive listing of lighting to choose from. Whether they want a particular design of sconce lighting or new wall lighting, new floor lamps for the living room, a new table lamp for their office space, or any other new lighting fixtures, when buying household lighting online from they can be rest assured they will find all of these varieties of lighting. Read more

Tips on Purchasing Outdoor Lighting Online

outdoor-lamp-posts-imagesWhen you want the perfect outdoor landscape, buying landscape lighting online and purchasing all of your outdoor lighting needs online will ensure home owners to find the greatest deals and the variety they seek in these types of lighting. Choosing to make the purchase via will not only offer all options of outdoor lighting, from flood lights, to pendants, to specific outdoor lamps, but the home owner can also find the greatest rates when they purchase these items via an online purchase. So, rather than choose the local lighting store, which is likely to have very little selection for outdoor lighting, and paying higher rates, visiting the online site will allow consumers to truly save, and to find the style of lighting that they are going to love, and which will complete their outdoor look and decor perfectly.
When buying landscape lighting online, the home owners can also choose additional entryway lights to the exterior portion of their home. Read more

Types of  Recessed Lighting Ideas for a Brighter Home

recessed-pot-lights-imagesLighting is one of the most important aspects of any home, it would be nearly impossible to live in a home that did not have lights. Recessed lighting is one of the most popular types of lighting because it leaves the lines of your ceiling unbroken. Many people like the clean and modern look of recessed lights. If you install recessed lighting there are some things you should know about selecting recessed lighting.
When selecting recessed lighting, also known as pot lights, the first thing you will need to decide is the proper size of fixture for your needs. The basic sizes are 3 inch, 4 inch, 5 inch and 6 inch cans. The general rule of recessed lighting is the lower the ceiling, or the smaller the room, the smaller the pot light you will need. An example of this is that 4 inch fixtures are recommended for ceilings that are 8 meters or lower. When installing recessed lighting for general lighting it is best to use 5 inch or 6 inch cans. If you are using the recessed light to highlight artwork then you should use 3 inch or 4 inch can fixtures. Read more

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