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Profile lighting articles give you tips and ideas that will help you improve your home lighting for a cheaper cost. From living room to your dining room, from bedroom to bathroom and from indoor to outdoor lighting, Profile Lighting is the best online home improvement store for your home lighting needs. From simple lighting fixture to elegant chandeliers, you name it and we have it in style.

Need some lighting ideas, a bit of help or Inspiration?
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Profile-Lighting and the people at Profile Supply have compiled a number of interesting, helpful and even entertaining articles to help you in making your decision, purchasing indoor or outdoor home lighting for your next project. Articles are submitted regularly from various contributors, as well as from customers and clients across the United States and Canada.

We'd love to hear your ideas and see your pictures. 
To submit an article or your latest home lighting installation pictures just send us an email to If you have a web site of your own that you would like us to link to, be sure and include that as well.

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Selecting Under Cabinet Lighting for the Kitchen

kitchen-cabinet-lighting-imagesLighting is important in every room of your home, but lighting in the kitchen is especially important. The reason lighting is so important in the kitchen is that you are working with potentially dangerous tools in a tight area. Many people are selecting under cabinet lighting for their kitchens because of all of the advantages kitchen cabinet lighting offers.
The first advantage of under cabinet lighting is that it puts the light where it is needed the most. Since the lights are under the cabinet, they eliminate shadows on your work space that are created by the cabinets. Kitchen cabinet lighting comes with a variety of powerful bulbs, you can choose from fluorescent, halogen, LED, or xenon bulb. These types of light bulbs are extremely bright and they are energy efficient. All of these bulbs also have a long lifespan, which keeps you from changing bulbs on a regular basis. Along with all of those advantages, kitchen cabinet lighting adds beauty, and style to your kitchen. When you are not using the lights for lighting your work area, they can be dimmed to give your kitchen a peaceful glow. Possibly the best advantage of under cabinet lighting is that it is inexpensive and simple to install. Most people will be able to install these lights with little effort and few if any tools. Read more

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