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Selecting Decorative Home Accents

wooden-dressers-drawers-online-imagesHow a homeowner goes about selecting decorative home accents may be the difference between a room being just adequately lit, or a place that is as dramatic and arresting as a well-lit stage.
Accent lighting is mostly used to highlight features in the room that the homeowner really wants to be seen and enjoyed. It works best when the light source is hidden. The human eye seeks out the brightest part of a room and if it comes to rest on a light source the purpose of an accent light would be defeated. That's unless the light source itself is an object of interest.
Indeed, that's sometimes the case. A very clever use of accent lighting is to have a classical, fully functional Maria Theresa type chandelier over a dining room table, then have that chandelier in turn lit by tiny recessed lighting in the ceiling. This brings out the sparkling beauty of the chandelier and adds an extra bit of light for the dining table. When selecting decorative home accents, the homeowner will see that some light sources are works of art all by themselves. They can be judiciously placed in rooms to call attention to themselves as well as provide extra light.
The kitchen is the ideal place for accent lighting. Much goes on in the kitchen. The cook has to be able to read recipes, prepare food and wash dishes. Food should be able to be seen as it is eaten and the homeowner must select the sort of light that doesn't make it look nauseating. Surfaces have to be seen to be cleaned and maintained properly. But when the kitchen is not in use, these lights, so important for tasks, can be accent lights as well.

A homeowner might know that the countertop is made out of an especially beautiful granite or marble and deserves to be highlighted for its own sake. So perhaps they install low voltage down lights beneath the cabinets to cast a soft gleam on them. Glass fronted cabinets nearby might have similar tiny, recessed lights at their tops that highlight a collection of glassware or dinnerware.
home-decor-furniture-imagesItems in the home's public rooms, like the living room, can also be picked out with accent lights. A painting can be illuminated by another recessed fixture, or a group of houseplants arranged on glass shelves can be lit with a grouping of inconspicuous up lights with frosted lenses.  Accent lights work best when their brightness can be directed and controlled. The homeowner doesn't want to focus too dim a light on an object, or bleach out its colors with a light that is too harsh. The accent light should therefore be controlled separately from the rest of the lighting in the room.
Stairs also benefit from accent lights. Recessed lighting on a narrow staircase, perhaps on every third or fourth step, are not only esthetically pleasing as they throw light on the adjacent walls, but lets people know that the staircase is narrow and to navigate it with care. Lights can also be recessed into the walls beside the stairs, which is good for basement stairs where it might be difficult to install lights in the steps.

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