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Selecting the Right Lamp for a Room

decorative-table-lamps-imageLamps are a perfect accessory for any room because they add a certain ambiance to any décor. In addition to being a practical light source, lamps also serve as decorative pieces that create beautiful settings. In fact, one of the fastest ways to change the appearance of a room is by replacing the light fixtures. Lamps make it easier and more affordable to change a room at a moment’s notice, especially with so many choices on the market today.

Some important factors to take into consideration when choosing a lamp for your home are:

      1. the purpose for the lamp

      2. the amount of light needed

      3. the location 

      4. the size

      5. the style

All of the above factors should be taken into consideration when selecting a lamp for a particular room.

The most common uses for lamps are for tasks, reading, accent, and mood lighting. All are different types of lamps that create diverse atmospheres in a room. The three main types of lamps purchased are table lamps, floor lamps, and desk lamps.


drawer-chest-table-lamps-imageTable Lamps

Table lamps provide many functions. They are fantastic for nearly any purpose, whether to create a particular mood, reading, or just for decoration. Due to the steady improvement of halogen lighting options and consistent improvements in materials and designs, a table lamp's function is not only to light up a particular area in a room anymore. Table lamps can be utilized to create indirect light sources and assist in decreasing eyestrain and early tiredness due to inappropriate lighting. Table lamps can also offset brightness from televisions and supply ample light for reading. In addition, a gooseneck lamp, or a lamp that uses a fulcrum can counter balance a study or library room.

Floor Lamps

Whether for general lighting or simple décor a floor lamp can add that final touch to any space. When shopping for floor lamps be sure to:

. check which type of lights are needed for instance, side lights offer general and adjustable lighting for reading

. halogen designs are great specifically for reading and other menial tasks

. torchiere floor lamps are good for general lighting

. arc floor lamps are perfect for seating areas

A floor lamp is suitable for a family room, living room, or even a bedroom, adding accents and interior sophistication to a favorite place in the home.

Desk Lamps


Whether looking for a understated mood or elegance a desk lamp is a clever way to illuminate a work or reading area. Choose a desk lamp with halogen light bulbs for brighter, more effective lighting options. This decreases the eyestrain and fatigue associated with poor lighting. Desk lamps can create a comfortable environment in any room. For example, when looking for a functional lamp to use on a desk with a computer, models that permit easy adjustment of the top light are recommended. This will enable the possibility to direct light away from the computer screen while giving just the right amount of light for the work area. Desk lamps should be at least fifteen-inches over the desk top or work area.

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