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Selecting Under Cabinet Lighting for the Kitchen

kitchen-cabinet-lighting-imagesLighting is important in every room of your home, but lighting in the kitchen is especially important. The reason lighting is so important in the kitchen is that you are working with potentially dangerous tools in a tight area. Many people are selecting under cabinet lighting for their kitchens because of all of the advantages kitchen cabinet lighting offers.
The first advantage of under cabinet lighting is that it puts the light where it is needed the most. Since the lights are under the cabinet, they eliminate shadows on your work space that are created by the cabinets. Kitchen cabinet lighting comes with a variety of powerful bulbs, you can choose from fluorescent, halogen, LED, or xenon bulb. These types of light bulbs are extremely bright and they are energy efficient. All of these bulbs also have a long lifespan, which keeps you from changing bulbs on a regular basis. Along with all of those advantages, kitchen cabinet lighting adds beauty, and style to your kitchen. When you are not using the lights for lighting your work area, they can be dimmed to give your kitchen a peaceful glow. Possibly the best advantage of under cabinet lighting is that it is inexpensive and simple to install. Most people will be able to install these lights with little effort and few if any tools.
under-cabinet-lighting-imagesThe next consideration when selecting under cabinet lighting is that there are many different types of lighting systems on the market. You will be able to choose from puck lights, strip lights, or linear lights for use in your kitchen. Strip lights will consist of a series of light fixtures that are rectangular in shape. Most people use fluorescent lights in this type of light fixture but they can also utilize other types of light bulbs. Strip lights are usually used to provide more of a decorative type of kitchen lighting, but if you use one of the brighter types of bulbs, they can create enough light to use when working.

Puck lights are probably the most popular type of under cabinet kitchen lighting because they are very under-cabinet-lights-imagesinexpensive and very easy to install. Puck lights are round light fixtures, that is why they are called puck lights, which usually utilize LED or xenon bulbs. Puck lights come in a series that can be linked from one area to the next, more lights can be easily added to the series later. Puck lights create no heat, and they have a bright, clear white light. Puck lights can be installed in many different positions and areas, and can be recessed into the cabinets if you desire. Puck lights are a versatile type of kitchen cabinet lighting. Linear under cabinet lighting is also very popular because these are long, thin lights that can be easily hidden behind the trim of the cabinet. They generally use fluorescent bulbs, and are a more decorative type of lighting.

These are a few of the benefits, and a few of the things to know when you are selecting under cabinet lighting for your kitchen. Choosing to add under cabinet lighting to your kitchen cannot only make your kitchen safer; it can also make your kitchen more beautiful. Modern kitchen cabinet lighting has a lot to offer and is a great value.

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