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Types of Room Lamp Lighting

There should be some lamp lighting in most rooms in your house.  Although overhead lighting and wall sconces serve a purpose, most room aren’t sufficiently well lit unless you have at least a few lighting lamps scattered around the room.  In fact, lamp lighting is often the most used form of light in a room because it is focused and is usually placed at a comfortable level for specific tasks such as reading.

Types of Lamp Lighting

Lighting lamps are usually either floor lamps or table lamps, and each one serves a particular purpose. Floor lamps are ideal for illuminating dark corners or other areas where there isn’t much traffic. A beautiful floor lamp can add a decorative touch and illuminate and area that would otherwise be lost in the shadows.  Torchiere floor lamps are wonderful for this, as they flood the area with light that shines upward, giving additional height to the room.  A slender floor lamp can also provide reading light next to or just behind a chair where there isn’t enough room for a table.

floor-lamp-lighting-imageTable lamps are more versatile and come in a variety of styles and sizes to suit any decor or room size.  Lamp lighting can illuminate a side table to give it extra attention and impact or provide task lighting for reading, sewing or any other close work.  You can use one impressive table lamp off to one side on a buffet table or server to illuminate the dishes you’re serving. 

You’ll usually find table lamp lighting at either end of a sofa on side tables. This provides lots of lighting for anyone sitting on the sofa so that they can sit comfortably while reading or doing other activities.  It’s a distinct advantage if someone wants to read while others want low light for watching television or relaxing.  Turning off the overhead lighting gives the desired low light, while an illuminated table lamp gives the needed task lighting in an area isolated to the task.

Lamp lighting can also create a particular mood.  If you’re having a romantic evening, turning on a few small lighting lamps set on low tables will give a soft, indirect glow that’s much more appealing than a bright, overhead light that floods the whole room with bright light.

desk lamp lighting imageDesk Lamp Lighting

Desk lamps are a particular style of table lamp that provides very specific lamp lighting for anyone using a desk.  Rather than the traditional lamp base and round shade of most table lamps, desk lamps often have bases and shades that provide directional lighting.  A goose-neck that bends to direct the light or a banker’s style light that is meant to aim light directly down you work are two styles of desk lamp lighting that are perfect for tables or desks where the light needs to be focused and intense.

Not all lighting lamps are the same size, so choose wisely based on your needs.  A large, heavy table lamp will overwhelm a small side table, while a tiny desk lamp might not provide enough task lighting to prevent eye strain.  Keep the scale of the area being illuminated in mind when shopping, rather than the size of the room.  Remember, table lighting lamps or floor lamps are designed to illuminate a specific area, not the entire room.

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