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Tiffany Lamps Bring Color and Beauty into a Room

Today’s Tiffany lamps are manufactured by several companies and come in an astonishing array of styles and shapes.  All of them owe their popularity to the original stained glass lamps designed by the Tiffany Company starting in the 1890’s.  These beautiful turn-of-the-century lamps remained popular until the 1930’s, when the Art Deco movement began, calling for more streamlined lamps with less detail.


tiffany lamp imageTiffany Lamps Created by Famous Window Designer

Louis Comfort Tiffany was already famous for creating beautiful stained glass windows when he created his first stained glass lampshade from bits of glass left over from an over-sized window.  He rearranged the bit of glass into patterns, then joined them with copper foil and soldered them together with lead to create a strong lampshade that cast lovely patterns of light around the room through the brilliantly colored light chips. 


The popularity of Tiffany lamps was at its greatest during the Art Nouveau movement, which aimed to bring the beauty of the arts into homes through fine, hand-crafted household items.  Today you can find many antique lamps by Tiffany and his staff of designers in museums across the country.  Occasionally, a genuine, original Tiffany lamp is sold at auction, but unless you’re wealthy, these antique lamps won’t make it into your living room.  The last one sold for over two million dollars!


tiffany-chandelier-imageToday’s Tiffany Lamps are Affordable

Tiffany himself turned to painting later in his life and the popularity of his lamps faded in the 1930’s, eventually going out of production entirely.  In the last half of the twentieth century, interest in these antique lamps grew.  People loved the attention to detail, rich, jewel-like colors and lovely designs found in Tiffany lamps, and in response several lighting manufacturers began creating new Tiffany lamps.  Although not entirely handmade, these new styles were just as lovely and were much more affordable, allowing the typical homeowner the chance to own one of these beautiful lamps.


Two of the most popular designs used in original Tiffany lamps included the dragonfly and the nautilus shell.  Today, antique lamps with these motifs are highly prized.  Early Tiffany lamps often featured wonderful, natural elements, but Tiffany also created a lot of geometric styles that features squares, rectangles and triangles that were favored for more masculine rooms such as libraries and studies.


tiffany lighting imageToday you can find hundreds of different motifs in Tiffany lamps.  Geometric styles, natural motifs such as fruits and flowers and lovely scroll work can all be found in today’s Tiffany lamps.


Today’s Tiffany lamps are also more versatile.  While Louis Comfort Tiffany worked primarily with table lamps, you can find Tiffany style lighting in table lamps, floor lamps, chandeliers and even pendant lighting.  Rich colors run the gamut from pale, pearlescent pastels to dark, rich colors such as emerald green and garnet.  The durable, decorative Tiffany lamps of today are likely to become the prized antique lamps of tomorrow.

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