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1 Light Bulkhead [41005]


Price: $33.48 Trans Globe Lighting
Part No: 41005
GLASS TYPE: Ribbed Glass
LAMP / BULB TYPE: Medium Base
Height (inches): 5.25
WIDTH (inches): 8.5
WIDTH RANGE: Under 12" Wide
HEIGHT RANGE: Under 12" High
UPC BAR CODE: 736916211444
DEPTH (inches): 4
MATERIAL: | Aluminum
This home lighting departs with in 2 to 4 business days.

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Product Description:

1 Light Bulkhead Black finish

Trans Globes standard collection of bulkhead lighting is all function and form

  • Height:- 90
  • Width:- 10.25
  • Depth:- 4
PDF Spec Sheet

Practical and Stylish Outside Lighting

This sturdy bulkhead light is a fantastic outdoor lighting accessory, and one of our favorites from Trans Globe Lighting. Trans Globe Lighting is a pioneering manufacturer of residential lighting, lamps, and home décor for over 25 years. This beautifully styled bulkhead outdoor light with black trim can be mounted on walls or ceilings. This practical bulkhead light will fit any outside décor as well.

Trans Globe Lighting is an inspiring success of the American dream. With a goal to go beyond the standards of other manufacturers, they have managed to create their own style with a quality selection in each category. Whether tables and lamps, lighting, or wall fixtures, Trans Globe is a company that stands on its own. In fact, in 2005 they expanded into a grander distribution service in astonishing Valencia, California. The location is fitting and enables Trans Globe to store a hands-on supply of inventory of over 3,000 items!

We added this superb bulkhead light from Trans Globe Lighting to our collection because we are sure about their quality and workmanship. We know that their merchandise is built for long lasting effectiveness, something so rare in today’s manufacturing sector. A stunning bulkhead light such as this is designed to give adequate outside lighting while withstanding various types of weather. In addition, it is designed not to take away from your outside ambience, but to add to its overall attractiveness. With such a wonderful piece to add to your outside décor, you might think that the price is very expensive. Not so, our merchandise is reasonably priced. In addition, we are able to offer fantastic prices without sacrificing quality.

Other similar bulkhead lights various trimming, shapes, and colors. Each bulkhead light is designed to fit perfectly with any outside décor. Especially with the addition of a black cage and thick glass that protects the bulb from outside exposure. This bulkhead light needs only one 60W light bulb. Merchandise that we include in our collection from Trans Globe Lighting are some of the best home décor items on the market. From outdoor porch lights to Bohemian crystal chandeliers, the time this company takes to perfect such a large range of home décor merchandise, says plenty about their standards.

By shopping for your home décor needs on our website, you are guaranteed to have access to some of the best home décor items online. Our top manufacturers, like Trans Globe Lighting, believe in the significance of good customer relations, which we pass on to you. By selecting specific merchandise, like this beautifully crafted bulkhead light, you are making a good online home decorative choice. We are incredibly pleased that you have chosen us for your home décor needs. With such wonderful home décor merchandise we have to offer you, along with the many other fantastic items from Trans Globe Lighting, we are positive that you will find many other objects to accentuate your beautiful home. We are pleased to continue offering unbeatable styles, choices, and value, with much more for you to look forward to. Have fun shopping!

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