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Wall Sconce lights & Wall Lighting
Wall Sconce Lighting in Different Sizes & Finishes for Decorative Wall Lighting

Sconce wall lighting is a stylish alternative to ceiling lighting that successfully combines the functionality of traditional lighting with high end style that doubles as wall art. The earliest wall sconces were torches that were temporarily placed in wall pockets along the hallways of castles and manor houses to light the way as people moved about. Today's wall sconces are permanent fixtures that add glamor as well as illumination.

1 Light Sconce thumb
One, 1 Light Sconce Lighting for single lamp wall sconce design.
2 Light Sconce thumb
Two, 2 Light Sconce Lighting for double lamp wall sconce design.
3 Light Sconce thumb
Three, 3 Light Sconce Lighting for Triple lamp wall sconce design
4 Light Sconce thumb
Four, 4 Light wall sconse and wall lighting
5 Light Sconce thumb
Five, 5 Light Larger wall sconces for decorative wall lighting
6 lights or more thumb
Wall sconce wall lighting with Six, 6 or more lights
Wall Torchiere thumb
Wall torhcier lighting and torchier wall lamps
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