The Modern Style of Home Design

the modern style

The Modern Style embraces simplicity and natural materials. Influenced by the German Bauhaus philosophy, this design movement thrives on a utilitarian mindset and emphasizes basic forms. It’s a style that aims for functionality but is also very appealing to the eye.

The modern style emerged in the late 1800s and peaked by the 1930s, but it has remained in fashion even as other styles have come and gone. While it’s sometimes mistaken for contemporary, the modern movement has its own distinct aesthetic that can be seen throughout today’s homes.

One of the main principles of modern design is “form follows function.” It’s a belief that furniture and decor should serve its intended purpose without unnecessary embellishment. This is reflected in the sleek and straightforward furniture shapes that are often found in modern homes, including straight lines and minimal adornment.

This style also leaves structural elements like concrete and steel exposed, showing off their beauty rather than covering them up with unnecessary design elements. The open floor plans that are typical of this design style also contribute to a clean, uncluttered appearance.

Another key trait of the modern style is its use of natural colors and materials. Whites, beiges and earth tones are commonplace in this style, as are metals such as chrome. The natural colors and materials create a calming environment that is perfect for a home with a busy family life.

It’s also not uncommon to find modern furnishings with curved edges. While they are still sleek and uncluttered, these softer curves are more inviting than the straight lines of more traditional pieces.

Because of its practical nature, the modern style focuses on maximizing natural light. This is why large windows are often used to let the sun shine into a room, which helps to brighten and energize the space. This light also helps to illuminate the simple, neutral color palettes that are typically used in this style.

While some people may think that the modern style is cold and stark, it can be warm and inviting with the right accents. The addition of plush rugs or carpeting, throw pillows and blankets, and interesting or artistic accessories can help to create a cozy modern atmosphere.

Modern is a style that can be adapted to suit the homeowner’s personal taste and lifestyle. While some prefer to keep things minimalist and streamlined, others like to add touches of modern glamour with artful accents, bold artwork and sophisticated textures. Modern can also be a great way to showcase abstract art, such as Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night or Henri Matisse’s fauvist Woman with a Hat.