How to Bring Room Ideas to Life

room ideas

A room is the foundation of your home and can have a big impact on your lifestyle. You need to think about what kind of space you want – whether it’s a cheerful gingham hideaway or a serene white bedroom ideas that removes you from the stresses of the day. From there, you can start to map out your style and color palette. A good starting point is to look at the artwork you want to hang in your new space and see what colors it uses – it’s easy to take those colors as inspiration for your own scheme. Once you have a few key colors in mind, try pulling them together with bedding, cushions and rugs to see how they work before you go all out with paint and furniture.

If you have a piece of artwork that’s especially meaningful to you then consider framing it in a bedside table or console so you can enjoy it every time you enter the room. This can really add a wow factor to a room and can be an excellent way to introduce your favorite color in the main room. It’s also a clever trick for bringing in an accent color without overwhelming a room with too much paint or wallpaper.

Carpet is often a overlooked aspect of a room but it can be a great way to add warmth and color to a neutral space. Pick a carpet with some texture so it feels comfortable underfoot and can cope with any decor you add to the room. It can also be a great way to soften the sound of footsteps.

Blue rooms are among the most restful of room ideas, from sky to ocean shades that make you feel calm and relaxed. The cool tones in these blue bedroom ideas aren’t overpowering, and they can often make a small room feel bigger by reflecting more light around the walls.

A touch of coral or lime green is an unexpected but lovely way to bring your room ideas to life. It can give a room that pop of color without being too bold and is ideal for introducing in accessories like lamps, mirrors and vases.

Creating a little sitting area or window seat in your bedroom is a wonderful way to relax. It’s a chance to curl up with a book or catch up with friends and family on the phone without disturbing everyone else in the house. The sconce and drapery in this bedroom add a touch of luxury to this cozy nook.

Corralling kids’ toys in a dedicated flex room allows them to stay out of the main living space and lets you relax knowing your stuff is safe and secure. Adding a chair, a couple of side tables and some shelving to create a reading nook will turn this flex room into an inviting escape.

Keep your clutter under control and upgrade a closet into a streamlined work station with sliding barn doors. These room ideas are a great way to add rustic flair to your home and are especially handy in an unused hallway, where they can add a sense of depth and dimension.