Room in Rome (Movie Review)

room in rome

When a dark, perky Spaniard and a tall blonde Russian spend a night together in a hotel room they find more than the most intimate of bonds. Directed and written by Julio Medem, Room in Rome tells the story of a fling between two women that becomes a physical adventure that touches their souls. Medem’s use of music is key. His score alternates between tango-of-the-souls and ballads that echo the women’s lives. He also uses lighting to create shadows and highlights that suggest the nooks and crannies in their lives.

The film opens with sultry Alba (Elena Anaya) beckoning the statuesque Natasha (Natasha Yarovenko) to her hotel room on her last night in Rome. The Russian initially says no, but with some urging from the more aggressive Spanish woman the statuesque blonde succumbs to a night of foreplay in Alba’s hotel room. The sex becomes increasingly unfettered as the two women explore their fantasies in the room and on each other.

Throughout the night, the two share secrets and lies as their bodies become intertwined. Though they discuss their pasts, question marks hang over much of what they say to each other and question marks also hover over whether either or both of the women are lying to each other. The climax is a shower of love in which both women strip naked and lie back in the tub with each other.

This is a movie that seems to either resonate with people or it doesn’t. Some see it as a pseudo-erotic soft core flick featuring some naked chicks and others see it as a drama that isn’t afraid to get a little dirty. I fall into the former category and think this is a very interesting movie that shows how love can change your life in a very unexpected way.

I found the acting to be very good, especially from Elena Anaya. Her character is very complicated and the director crafted her to be both a seductress and a caring person that would make you want to be around her. Natasha was also very believable in her portrayal of a hesitant and sometimes resistant but willing partner in the sex game.

Room in Rome is a film that isn’t for everyone. It’s a mature film that delves into the darker sides of relationships between women and the sexual aspects of their interactions. I think it’s an important film that deserves more recognition than it’s been getting. While the movie isn’t for the faint of heart, I definitely recommend it. It’s an intense and beautiful movie that isn’t about the usual fare of homo-erotic sexy porn films. Instead it is about how a love that isn’t always reciprocated can transform your life in the most unexpected ways. Enjoy!